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    Contact management software, refreshingly simple.

    Zoho ContactManager is an online contact management software that lets you organize contacts, tasks, and deals in one place.

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    Get more context. Make smarter decisions.

    All you need is all we seed. Make faster, more informed decisions with the simplest contact management tool for businesses.


    Have one place for all your contacts.

    Maintain your contacts in a centralized address book, and have a unified view of related tasks, notes, and emails.


    Track deals, and tasks.

    Stay on top of your deals, manage your tasks, and follow up on your to-do items. Categorize everything with Tags.


    Bring your team together.

    Create, assign custom roles to team members and control who can see what information with predefined user profiles.


    Engage via email & social media.

    Manage your email interactions. Stay glued with your social media audience and build beautiful customer relationships online.


    Use smart templates.

    Improve your productivity by using smart task and email templates to share best practices with your team.


    Search intelligently.

    Quickly find exactly what you want with the intelligent multi-conditional search feature.

    Explore more features

    Connect with your favourite apps.

    With Zoho ContactManager's seamless integration with a variety of third party applications, managing your business contacts has just got easier.

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    "Zoho ContactManager is practical. The philosophy that I see in this product is that it revolves around people; it's easy to use and understand."

    Ovalle SilvaBusiness Administrator

    "The price was the biggest benefit. I did not have to worry which users or how much data I should import without worrying about the price skyrocketing. The system is easy to use so there was no real learning curve."

    Peter LacknerManaging Director at Spectrum Consulting Japan G.K.

    "Great way to manage your clients. We went from Google sheets to Zoho Contact manager and man! it is much better. We can really update contacts in real time and close sales quicker because of it."

    Hanson GrantFounder & CEO of Think Board.

    Take your business with you, wherever you go.

    With our iOS & Android mobile apps, you can swiftly manage your contacts as you go. Scan business cards, and add them to your contacts. You can update your contacts' information even when you are offline.


    A compelling alternative to tiresome?spreadsheets. The closest thing to a CRM.

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