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    Using Zoho CRM

    Zoho CRM helps you manage all your customer relations effectively, generate leads,?gather insights,?stay in touch and deliver a seamless customer experience.

    It gives you the power to govern your sales process. In a business scenario, you set out with a target, equip yourself with the right tools to take you closer to your target and you reach it when you attain customer satisfaction. With Zoho CRM, you?can craft your vision, strengthening the relationship between you and your customer, so you can build confidence and close deals.

    Pipeline Management

    What?is a sales pipeline??
    A sales pipeline is a systematic approach taken by salespeople, starting from the initial contact with a?prospect and ending with?closing a deal. The pipeline helps you to manage your loyal customers and pitch your?sales in an orderly structure.

    To stand out from your competition you need to have a well-organized sales pipeline. Zoho CRM offers pipeline management modules such as Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Activities which help you track your business opportunities and close deals effectively.?


    As your business grows, your needs start changing and your CRM should be able to cater to those changes.?Zoho CRM is highly customizable, allowing users with different business needs to adapt easily. In other words, you can make Zoho CRM your own by utilizing all forms of available customization such as Tabs, Page Layouts, Fields, Validation Rules, and Templates.

    Multi-channel Communication

    Communication bridges the gap between you and your customers' and has evolved to a great extent in recent times. Imagine how helpful it would be to view all the interactions between you and your customers' within a single window.?All of?your communication via email, Facebook, chat, calls, Twitter, or any support tickets raised by your customer can be?displayed in CRM allowing you to follow?up from one central hub.?

    In certain cases, your customer might need access to CRM. Through portals, you can allow your customers' to access certain modules and the associated data.??

    Zia - Artificial Intelligence?

    Zia, Zoho's built-in artificial intelligence, analyzes the data?within your CRM and predicts the possible outcome of your sales activities.?You're able to chat with Zia about your data, and she will respond via text or our integrated chat. Zia is also able to?assist you by?pointing out highly-rated leads and leads that are slipping away. She can even suggest the right time and date to contact specific customers' based on the optimal time for your calls?to be?answered.

    Collaboration and Productivity

    The document?library in Zoho CRM allows you to share important documents such as invoices and reports?with peers. The library acts as a centralized repository for your team to access data. You can also create projects and assign them to your contacts, chat with your colleagues and keep your team updated using feeds.?

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