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    One CRM to match?everyone's selling style.

    Just?as?every business is different, so is every process and every sale.?Organize your CRM with a different layout for each sales process—one that matches the way you sell.

    A layout for every process.

    Manage sales for multiple products, geographies, or processes, from one CRM system. Page layouts help your sales representatives view and access personalized data, and create workflows to function independently. With fields, links, and buttons, you get everything you need to design your own layouts for each new process.

    Page Layouts

    Conditional fields for a simpler experience.?

    When your organization has multiple products, it can be very difficult to show all the specifications for all the features within a product. With Conditional Fields in Zoho CRM, you can make filling out forms easy. The only fields the user works with are ones they select, resulting in a faster, clutter-free experience for your sales team.


    Ensure the right data enters your CRM.

    The quality of your CRM data directly impacts your efficiency.?Make sure the right information enters your CRM, with condition checks across multiple criteria that are specific to your industry and need.

    Validation Rules

    Forms within forms for better detail.

    Forms are needed to capture customer information. But a basic form isn't?enough,?especially when there are many details to be captured. Use Subforms to associate multiple items to one customer - like adding accessories against the primary sale.?You can also add quantity and aggregate functions, so all relevant info stays within a record.


    Relate your data for the right context.

    Data doesn't mean much without context, and, most of the time, your CRM data is spread across different modules.?Provide more context to your data by linking records across modules.?Link Campaigns with Leads, Contacts with Accounts, and vice-versa.

    Multi module association

    Do more with your CRM through customizable components.

    Check out custom modules, fields, and buttons
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