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    Mail - Resources

    Zoho Mail Resources

    • Setup Guide

      A detailed beginners guide to setup your domain in Zoho Mail!

      Get Started!

    • User Guide

      Zoho Mail suite has an entire suite of apps with Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Bookmarks. Choose the app below to view the related help articles.

    • Admin Guide

      Zoho Mail provides extensive control panel for the administrators to manage their organization users, email accounts and policies.?

      Browse Admin Guide

    • Email Migration Guide

      Switching the email service from existing provider to Zoho Mail is easier than you think. You can migrate via IMAP or use the Exchange migration wizard to migrate from Outlook/ Exchange.?

      Learn more

    • What's New?

      Stay up-to-date on the latest updates and features available in Zoho Mail. Check out the features available in the recent times.

      Check out here!

    • Developer Guide

      Zoho Mail provides comprehensive REST API's using which you can integrate other third party applications or build your own applications based on Zoho Mail.

      Check out now

    • FAQs

      Simple solutions for frequently asked questions, neatly organized based on different topics. This will help you resolve by yourself any setbacks when you work with Zoho Mail.

      Browse FAQs

    • Customer Self-service Portal

      Reach out to our support team, in case you are not able to find a solution from our guides.?Submit and monitor your tickets,?or browse comprehensive solutions from the?central portal.

      Visit Customer?Portal

    • Partner Portal

      Zoho Mails Partner Portal helps you to setup Zoho Mail for your clients and manage them all from a single console.

      Learn More

    • Webinars

      Join our Zoho Mail webinars and learn how to manage your business email, right from the basics to the more advanced features.

    • Forums

      Forums is a one stop place to get all your questions answered. Get engaged in the community with other Zoho Mail users and voice your opinions and ideas.

      Visit Forums

    • Blogs

      Blogs provide interesting articles about features of Zoho Mail and also keeps you abreast of the announcements from the team. ?

      Read Articles

    Still can't find what you're looking for?

    Write to us: [email protected]

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